Elegant Banquet Hall
Saffron D’OR takes exceptional pleasure in creating the wedding of your dreams.

Our skilled team possess unrivalled wedding expertise, ensuring you a wedding day of true bliss and freedom from mundane cares. We will create a day of such flawless joy that your feet will never touch the ground.

Our exquisite Grand Banqueting Hall offers a beautifully elegant, gleaming marble palette capable of stunning ambience transformations that reflect every wedding style, from traditional to contemporary. This exclusive venue can accommodate 450 guests in sumptuous comfort. Full licensed, the Grand Banqueting Hall is honoured to host your civil ceremony.


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World Class Chefs
Saffron D’OR chefs take exceptional pleasure in creating tantalizing menus to fill your day with pure delight.

Saffron D’OR chefs will create exciting menus filled with succulent dishes that delight your guests with their innovation and delectable taste. Our wedding planners will spend every moment of preparation carefully ensuring your wedding day wishes are not only met, but exceeded.

Your wedding day is in expert hands with Saffron D’OR – where we gift you a day of glittering memories that will delight you, your family, and your friends for years to come.